Antony & Cleopatra

Antony and Cleopatra is a tragic play by William Shakespeare, first performed in 1606. Appraised as the magnum opus of Shakespeare, the play tells the audience that the love between two people should be so immense that it takes a new sky and a world to be created for their love. The couple is passionately in love with each other, while also torturing one another with doubts and fears. Antony worships to God and values honor, while Cleopatra only glorifies love.

Antony is a brave, smart and honorable man. Cleopatra, however, is a moody character with contradictory features. She is honest, but lies sometimes. She is smart but irrational; brave and coward at the same time.Unlike her moody character, her childish but feminine, selfish and loyal attitude, the only thing about Cleopatra that doesn’t change throughout the play is her love for Antony.

At the end of the tragedy, when the two confronted with death, it is realized that there is pure love behind their destructive and passionate relationship. The designs in the Antony and Cleopatra Collection are inspired from the things these two says to one another throughout the tragedy. The swords in the collection refer to the Antony dignified, proud and brave character, while the spiral forms shaped like serpents reflects Cleopatras moody personality. Lapis Lazuli gemstone frequently used in the collection, as it was widely used in Egypt in that era.