Exquisite Jewelry that Becomes A Part of the Wearer

“Every woman needs a special piece of jewelry which they can leave for their loved ones.” - Melike Kapıcıoğlu

Melie, an Istanbul-based jewelry design brand, aims to create jewelry which women will want to wear for years, pass on from generation to generation, and leave as heirlooms. Featuring a timeless, elegant, and romantic style, Melie’s jewelry caters to the senses and emotions of the wearer. Attaching great significance to memories, these pieces are inspired and shaped by legendary love stories, fairy tales, myths, different cultures and civilizations, architecture, literature, and visual arts. The forms, gems, and cuts used in these designs are selected to accord with the story they wish to tell.

Having entered the world of jewelry with its collections “Scent of Love” which comprises perfume bottle pendants and “Memoria” that includes lockets in which you can keep photographs, Melie designs exclusive pieces of jewelry that become a part of the wearer, just as how a scent is associated with a person.

Melie’s Story

Turkish jewelry designer Melike Kapıcıoğlu’s journey in this field began when someone asked her, “Would you like to make your own ring?” at a workshop she visited in 2007 to order a ring she designed for herself. The next day, she went behind the counter and continued her rigorous training until 2012. On the knowledge she learned from the jewelry makers at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, she built her design and gem training from various organizations and masters in 2010, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the world’s most prestigious organizations in gemology and the art of jewelry making. Melike Kapıcıoğlu, who designs “Available Jewelry” that stands out with their aesthetics and functionality and founded the brand Melie in 2013, is both the brand manager and the creative director of the brand.

In 2016, she was nominated in the category of jewelry at A’ Design Award, one of the most influential design awards in Italy, with her “perfume bottle pendants.” Cited among jewelry trends for their availability, these designs have been featured in world-famous luxury and jewelry magazines such as Robb Report’s U.S. edition and The Jewellery Editor.