The Birth of Venus is undoubtedly one of the most admired paintings of the Italian painter Botticelli. Completed in 1485, the painting depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea on a seashell. Aside from the visual magnificence of the painting, its symbolic details make it even more special.

Venus, embodying birth, fertility, love and passion, symbolizes both the earthly and spiritual love in the artwork. Flowers are one of the signs of the Venus. On the painting, the pink roses symbolizes the desire, while the seashell represents the rebirth. The use of zephyrs, the symbol of passion, represents the integration of spirit and matter.

Melie inspired from the Botticellis divine artwork when designing the Venus Collection. The collection is intended to depict the love, passion and beauty in a spiritual way, just as in the painting. Decked with pearls, the symbol of elegance, and colorful gems, the pieces of the collection were named with reference to the details of the painting. Melie used tourmaline, sapphire and colorful gems on the jewelry to reflect the color of dusty rose, green and gold dominating the painting.

Melie’s collections are inspired from various cultures and true love stories in history without discriminating any religion, language and culture. In this collection, Melie makes a reference to a secret and one-sided love story. Sandro Botticelli was unrequitedly in love with Simonetta, who is thought to be the woman recurring throughout his paintings. He was so much in love with Simonetta that when he died, he asked his ashes to be buried at her feet. Immortalized by his paintings, Botticelli comes together with Simonetta in Melies Venus collection.