The Magical Stories Of Precious Gems

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and all other colored gems –all rendered unique by nature– spring to life in the romantic jewelry designed by Melie for the queens of the 21st century. Each gemstone with its color, special meaning, story, talisman and beauty is special. Would you like to join us exploring the magical world of colored gemstones through romantic, colorful designs of Melie?

Diamond: All through the history due to their unique beauty and rarity the king of all gems diamonds, are believed to have magical powers. The reason for this belief was its durability and resistance to fire.According to the Ancient Greeks diamonds were tears of Gods and for Romans, they were pieces of stars. Diamonds are known to protect from negative energy. The word diamond comes from the word “Adamas” in Ancient Greek which means unconquerable. It is the hardest gem on earth . What a perfect symbol for everlasting love and loyalty.

Emerald: The emeralds are regarded as holy gemstones by the Incas and Aztecs of South America, the home of best emeralds are regarded emeralds. Also known as ‘the stone of unconditional love’ and color of life and beauty. It is believed to support harmony, coherence and mental balance. Emeralds promotes mutual respect in relationships and bring good luck.

Ruby: Ruby is believed to represent the energy of love and life. It increases the feelings of courage and happiness and promotes mental development. Increases productivity and provides passion, desire and acceleration for our lives. As the gem of love and loyalty, it brings sensuality into relationships. Ruby has been a talisman of prosperity, protection and naturally passion.

Sapphire: Meaning ‘Saturn’, was believed to influence people’s destiny. It was used and worn by the kings in order to keep evil away. Sapphire also has soothing effect. It promotes real love and it strengthens intuitive power. Today, sapphire is still a stone of wisdom and royal stone of learning. Sapphire can be found in various different colors as green, pink, yellow and black.

Rhodonite: The name Rhodonite comes from the greek word meaning “rose”, which relates to its rose pink color. It is a stone of grace and elegance. It increases positive energies. It also gives happiness and self confidence. Rhodonite is very supportive stone that works with the heart chakra to attract love. It is also used for easing anger as well as calming stress and anxiety.

Tourmaline: According to an old Egyptian legend the tourmaline, on its long journey up from the centre of the Earth, passed from a rainbow. In doing so, it is assumed to carry all the colors of the rainbow. Tourmalines have a wide array of color from blue to green, yellow and even black. It is believed to give inspiration, ability to emit negative ions, release stress, help detoxification ,provide concentration and intuitive power who carries it.

Amethyst: The word Amethyst comes from Ancient Greek word ‘Amethystos’ which means “sober”. Amethyst has a special role and meaning from ancient times, which means keeping people sober. Amethyst transforms the negative ions into positive and clarifies thoughts and emotions. It is known to emit bad energy and increase energy levels. The best varieties can be found at Far East, Siberia, Sri Lanka and Brasil.

Citrine: Its yellow color resembling sunlight made this gem the symbol of revitalizing power. Romans used to wear citrine as an amulet to be protected from evil eye and jealousy. Its light color and clarity also bring clearness to our souls. It gives zest for life, dynamism and power of self-expression.