Salvador Dali & Gala

Going to Cadaquez over an invitation in 1926, Gala starts secretly meeting with the host, Salvador Dali, a young surrealist painter. The couple decides that they can not live separated from each other and lives together for 50 years.

Dali says that he found the woman he created in his dreams and portrayed in his paintings when he met Gala. Dali likes Gala’s childish yet feminine attitude and intelligence. Gala is not only Dali’s wife, she is his muse, role model and life partner.

The inspiration behind “Salvador Dali & Gala” collection is Dali’s paintings of Gala and his writings about her in his book. One of those paintings is “Leda Atomica” completed in 1949 by Dali. For this painting, Dali took inspiration from a mythological story about Zeus and Leda. In the story, Zeus assumes the form of a swan in order to seduce beautiful Leda. The necklace and earrings in the DNA of Love collection are inspired from what Dali writes about Gala in his book. “Gala and I are like the two single strands of DNA, spiraling around one another.”