La Belle

Written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740, La Belle et La Bête is a fairy tale emphasizing the insignificance of physical appearance in love. The fairy tale starts with a merchant picking a rose from a garden in the palace of a prince bewitched and turned into a hideous beast. In return for the rose picked from the garden, Belle had to live with a Beast in the palace. When Belle confesses her love to the beast, she undoes the curse, restoring the Beasts human form.

Inspired by the enchanted rose in the fairy tale, the La Belle earring is embellished with pink, watermelon and green tourmaline reflecting the roses colors.

Fairy Dust necklace is designed with a cage shaped like a heart containing raw rubies, tourmaline and sapphire in order to reflect the magic and stained glasses widely used in the fairy tale. Enchanted Pot necklace containing a tiny note inside, is one of the best examples of Melies essential jewelries.