Healing Crystals

Discover the Power of Healing Crystals..

Derived from the Greek word “krystallos” which means “ice”, crystals are associated with wisdom, courage, and power thanks to their formidable and transparent forms. It’s no coincidence that, for thousands of years, oracles told prophecies through crystal orbs or that, in the Middle Ages or even before, kings would carry crystals in the sheaths of their swords or their staffs. Regarded as one of the oldest resources of wisdom in the universe, crystals clear the mind and offer concentration in addition to healing and protection. Formed in millions of years, crystals influence the people who interact with them through their energy. In order to understand the secret power of crystals, one needs to be aware that life in its entirety is composed of different energy vibrations.

What are crystals?

Formed with the liquid, moving, and energized magma 1,500 meters into the ground, crystals have been used as a source of healing by many civilizations throughout history. Ancient cultures around the world used healing crystals to align, cleanse, and transform their mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Unlike jewelry, crystals are living beings with energy that are influenced by their environment and vice versa.

How do crystals work?

Every part of the universe communicates with one another through vibration. Just like two people who positively influence each other with good words and intentions, crystals respond positively to intentions. When you wear or keep close crystals into which you express your positive intentions, you will be surrounded by its positive energy.

For what purpose should I use crystals?

The oldest resource of wisdom in the universe, crystals receive, collect, transform, emanate, push, and pull energy. They cleanse the body, the mind, and the soul. They encourage the energy of love and harmony. Therefore crystals can be used to balance the body, to clear the mind, to get rid of negative energy, and to equip positive energy. They can also be used to heal many illnesses from anxiety to migraine.

How do I use crystals?

You can wear crystals like jewelry, carry them around, or place them in your living spaces.

How do I choose my crystal?

You will not choose the crystal, the crystal will choose you. That’s why you should give both yourself and the crystal some time. Make sure to clear your mind of all feelings, thoughts, and general likings and wait. Hover your hand over the stones, pick them up, and feel their energy. If one of the stones pulls you, then you need its energy. You will definitely feel it when you touch the right crystal.

How do I clean my crystal?

You need to clean your crystal from other energies before opening up your innermost emotions and thoughts to it. It’s up to you to choose a cleaning method. You can bask it in the fume of a burning sage, place it in a bowl of rock salt, keep it in the sun or in the full moon, bury it in the ground, or put it on another quartz crystal you have.

How can I make intentions with the crystal?

After choosing and cleaning your crystal, it’s time to have a heartfelt conversation with it. It’s important to set an intention to achieve your goals. You need to express your intention into the crystal about the positive things you wish to attract in life. Hold the stone in your hands, close your eyes or keep them open, breathe deeply, and create intentions when you feel you’ve reached the highest vibration. Crystals should always be used for positive intentions.

What are types of crystals?

All crystals are forms of quartz crystals. They are usually created with the addition of other minerals during formation.

Crystal quartz: There are various ways to use crystals but crystal quartz is ideal for every person and situation. In fact, it’s enough to have a quartz to clean all the other stones. Crystal quartz includes all the colors of the rainbow and has a high energy.

Amethyst: With purple hues, amethyst is believed to keep people vibrant. It turns negative ions into positive ones, clears the thoughts and feelings, and eliminates stress and bad energy.

Citrine: This sun-colored stone is the symbol of life-giving force. Romans would wear citrine to ward off the evil eye. It brings serenity into the soul with its light hue and clarity. It provides joy of living, vibrancy, and the power to express one’s self.

Pink quartz: This crystal with the pink hues of a rose is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to attract love. In ancient Egypt, pink quartz was believed to reduce the effects of aging.

Smoky quartz: This dense but gentle stone in gray and brown hues is a perfect balancer during meditation. Romans believed that it helped with the sense of mourning.